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Deimion van der Sloot
Hidde Meulenbeek Studio September

The Mysterious Production of Eggs;

Dur­ing a period of 5 days eggs will be fried and exhib­ited in a dis­play win­dow in Utrecht,The Nether­lands. Before mak­ing it to the wall, the eggs will be pho­tographed, dig­i­tally trans­ferred, and directly printed out in a gallery space in Chongqing, China, cre­at­ing a syn­chro­nous exhibition.

The project deals with the issue of idea ver­sus exe­cu­tion. Out of our expe­ri­ences as graph­icde­sign­ers we assume that great ideas can be made or bro­ken by exe­cu­tion and vice versa. In search of authen­tic­ity, the act of actual cre­ation man­i­fests itself not only as a process but as part of the final result. Thus reveal­ing aspects that usu­ally stay hid­den in a graphic design­ers work, while keep­ing intact the mys­tery of a fin­ished prod­uct rep­re­sent­ing an idea.

with: ‘Vrouw met baard’

Linkse Hobby

What are ‘linkse hob­bys’ (left­wing hob­bies) and what does the Nether­lands looks like when this ‘linkse hob­bys’ dis­ap­pear?
A sticker cam­paign to denounce the words of dutch politi­cian Geert Wilders.  With as clos­ing event: Linkse Hobby Live!
A project of col­lec­tive Wijkwinkel.