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This company is no longer active.

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Deimion van der Sloot
Hidde Meulenbeek Studio September

Linkse Hobby

What are 'linkse hobbys' (leftwing hob­bies) and what does the Netherlands looks like when this 'linkse hobbys' disappear?
A stick­er cam­paign to denounce the words of dutch politi­cian Geert Wilders.  With as clos­ing event: Linkse Hobby Live!
A pro­ject of col­lect­ive Wijkwinkel.

Linkse Hobby Live!

On Saturday May 15, 2010 we organ­ised 'Linkse Hobby Live!' in Studio/K Amsterdam.
An even­ing of music, debate, per­form­ance, poetry, design, cab­aret and oth­er 'linkse hobbies'.
A pro­ject by Collectief Wijkwinkel.